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  1. Faenris

    Apr 18,  · The Minor Blues Scale, not the Major Blues, is "Standard" The Minor Blues scale is the far more commonly used scale of the two, so as in the norm in music, it gets shortened to "The Blues Scale." Its just like with chords. If I asked you to play a G chord you would (I hope) play a G Major chord. Since the most common type of chord is major we.
  2. Nagor

    Dec 25,  · Pentatonic Minor (of the I chord played over the IV chord) Pentatonic Major (of the V chord over the V Chord) Lets do a quick review of our theory. 12 bar blues is basically a I IV V progression, meaning in the key of A will be A, D and E. So our three scales we will be working with will be: A Major Pentatonic.
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    Dec 12,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Django Reinhardt - Minor Blues - Rome YouTube Django Reinhardt - Django Plays La Marseillaise, Best Of 26 Hits - Duration: Jazz and Blues .
  4. Goltitaxe

    It's feasible you could get up to jam on a “minor blues in C” and find everyone playing different things that clash horribly with each other. The first way to explore a minor blues is to simply change the dominant 7 chords in a standard bar blues into minor chords. Listen to Fig. 1 and follow the chord progression. I'm sure you've Author: Levi Clay.
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    Feb 07,  · The St. Louis Blues’ minor league affiliate, the San Antonio Rampage in the American Hockey League, has been purchased by the Vegas Golden Knights. If .
  6. Tanos

    The Melodic Minor Scale. The first mode that you will explore in this lesson outside of the minor blues scale is the melodic minor scale. Only one note different from a major scale (it has a b3 interval), the melodic minor scale is effective when soloing over tonic minor chords, such as the Im7 chord in a minor blues progression. Here is the interval pattern for the melodic minor scale.
  7. Shall

    Sep 26,  · One key to becoming a more versatile blues soloist is learning to combine the minor pentatonic and major pentatonic scales to create guitar lines that go beyond the minor pentatonic scale. As a prerequisite to this lesson, you should have a basic understanding of the finger positionings for the minor pentatonic and major pentatonic scales.
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    The most up-to-date breaking news for the St. Louis Blues including highlights, roster, schedule, scores and archives.

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