1. Kisho

    swelter definition: to be or feel uncomfortably hot; sweat, feel weak, etc. from great heatOrigin of swelterfrequentative of Middle English swelten, to die, swoon away, faint from Old English sweltan, to die from Indo-European base an unverified f.
  2. Saramar

    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Swelter - Swelter on AllMusic -
  3. Akinoshakar

    Oct 15,  · Ten years ago, a bank-robbing team stole $ million from a Vegas casino. Not all of them got away. Now, Bishop (Lennie James) is a small-town sheriff, maki.
  4. Dalrajas

    swelter: 1 v be uncomfortably hot Type of: suffer feel unwell or uncomfortable v suffer from intense heat “we were sweltering at the beach” Type of: perspire, sudate, sweat excrete perspiration through the .
  5. Mazutaur

    ‘There is a level of desperation provided in the performances, and the monochrome image sells the desert swelter very well.’ ‘A slim, wooden door separates the tiny coffee storefront from a handful of employees working in the swelter of the warehouse-style area, heated both by the summer weather and the industrial-size coffee roaster.’.
  6. Taujas

    swelter translate: sofocarse de calor, abrasarse, asarse de calor. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary.
  7. Arashiktilar

    swelter (v.) c. , "faint with heat," frequentative of swelten "be faint (especially with heat)," late 14c., from Old English sweltan "to die, perish," from Proto-Germanic *swiltan-(source also of Old Saxon sweltan "to die," Old Norse svelta "to put to death, starve," Gothic sviltan "to die"), perhaps originally "to burn slowly," hence "to be overcome with heat or fever," from PIE root.
  8. Jugal

    swel·ter (swĕl′tər) v. swel·tered, swel·ter·ing, swel·ters battgawitzcomdeded.dingmiforsuledanjeleatasurgema.infoinfo To suffer from oppressive heat. battgawitzcomdeded.dingmiforsuledanjeleatasurgema.infoinfo Archaic To exude (venom, for example). n. A condition of oppressive heat. [Middle English swelteren, frequentative of swelten, to faint from heat, from Old English sweltan, to perish.] swelter (ˈswɛltə) vb 1. (Physiology) (intr) to suffer.

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